As far back as the late 1980’s fitness products began to go through changes thought to motivate people to exercise more and allow for a better user experience. Gone were the old fashioned barbells from SEARS. Universal Gym because the standard by combing 6-8 fitness stations in a single 8-foot square area. By the mid-1980’s Nautilus created separate machines for each muscle group and allowed gyms to have a flow of people moving from machine to machine…. circuit training was born. In addition, these machines were identified as variable resistance (VR) machines because the design allowed for varying resistance through an exercise range of motion. These type of machines still exist today. By the early 1990’s there was a boom in home fitness machines all designed to increase strength and fitness in general. Bowflex, Nordicflex, NitroFlex, Total Gym, etc., all enjoyed this consumer enthusiasm. Then at the turn of the century, products changed design but not functionality. Through all the years, there was a very simple fitness product that never received much popularity mainly because it was perceived to be sub-standard or not serious. Known under a number of names like bungee cords, stretch bands, tension cords, etc… they began to gain traction after 2015. Today, “band” training is so popular that all fitness levels enjoy using them. In 2019, GoGym has created an innovation by combining weight fitness rings with short, highly stretchable tension cords. Tension cord or “bands” training allow the user to exercise in both the vertical and horizontal plane. “Band” training also can be done slow & controlled. One of the biggest advantages is portability. You can take them anywhere. But who wants to pull and tug on bands. Who wants to connect to some flimsy cheap plastic handle? GoGym uses solid steel weighted rings that feel like are real weight but gives you the portability to take anywhere. Pluse, you don’t need a door to attach one end to. One ring is for your feet and the other ring is for your hands. This is an example of an innovation of an old idea that creates a totally new way to exercise.

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