Weighted Rings are the new trend in strength training. The evolution of strength training continues year after year and fitness enthusiast are looking for new workout methods. In the 1970s, Nautilus made resistance or weight training popular with it’s innovative variable resistance machines found in health clubs and gyms. By the late 1980s, free weights emerged as the “go to” form of resistance exercise. The combination of machines and free weights (barbells) have remained dominant ever since. From time-to-time, home gyms have tried to find staying power with the consumer. In the 1980s, Soloflex was dominant and remains available today. In the 1990s, NordicFlex Gold and Bowflex competed for customers. By the late 1990s, the dominant home gym was Total Gym and it remains dominant today. Bowflex, Soloflex and Total Gym remain the popular choices for consumers. But home gyms have a big problem…..they aren’t portable and have a large footprint in the home so space becomes an issue.  Consumer exercise is trending to outdoor exercise so portability is an advantage. The most portable resistance devices are elastic cord gyms which usually consist of a set of variable resistance bungee cords and bars or handles. There are NO dominant brands mainly because nobody has made a serious product for all fitness levels. GoGym™ is a serious, innovative strength (weight training) product that enables users to do traditional muscle conditioning exercises as well as yoga, Pilates and CrossFit workouts. GoGym consists of multi-use weighted steel fitness rings and new technology bungee cords that allow for greater range of motion and more consistent resistance compared to other elastic cord resistance. GoGym enters a category strength training that has been around for decades but differentiates itself with unique weighted rings and a breakthrough in stretch band or elastic technology. There are no steel weighted fitness rings but there seems to be a need driven primarily by the growth of the CrossFit industry. GoGym is uniquely positioned to become the dominant player in this new fitness trend.

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