Each GoGym PRO Includes:

  • 2 – STEEL RINGS PRO Handle Design
    • Soft Touch Foam Grips
    • Weather Proof PVC Coating
    • Sweat Proof & Durable Weighted Fitness Rings
    • Each Ring weighs 0.9 lbs
    • Made in USA
  • 4 – TENSION CORDS (one length fits all)
    • 5 LB – Resistance (orange)
    • 10 LB – Resistance (yellow)
    • 15 LB – Resistance (green)
    • 20 LB – Resistance (blue)
  • User Guide
  • FREE STREAMING ($49.95 value)

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GoGym PRO is the first evolution of resistance bands in decades.  Tension cords, stretch bands, resistance bands, loop bands have problems that GoGym PRO has solved.

TENSION CORDS are long…50″ or longer.  That requires the user to stand as some arbitrary point, hoping that the left side and right side are the same resistance.  There just doesn’t happen.  So…you are performing unbalanced exercise.

TENSION CORDS are usually limited to 1-cord = 1-handle so if you want multiple cords, you will purchase another setup and this creates a lot of bulk especially if you like to travel or take  your workout to the office.

TENSION CORDS can come with an attachment that allows you to connect multiple cords but this is messy.  There are all kinds of steel clips…moving parts that can break.  The handles are flimsy and not ergonomically friendly in many exercises.

LOOP BANDS are short but the is no way to attach a handle so you are left clutching and grabbing a band in your hand or on your foot which can cut into your grip making it uncomfortable.

LOOP BANDS  are meant to be used one at-a-time so if you want different resistance settings, you’ll need multiple bands.  The LONG BANDS are bulky and not conducive to normal strength training mechanics.

TENSION CORDS and LOOP BANDS are not conducive to be used safely on your feet.  You need some type of anchor…a pole, a door, a squat rack….something to tether it too.

GoGym was designed so you can get a real strength training or cardio workout…giving you a handle you can grip and also use on your feet.

  • Patented PRO Handles allow for multiple loading and quick change without additional hardware.
  • Solid Steel Handles…for hands and feet.  Can hold up to 200 lbs of resistance.
  • No need to tether to a fixed object because you can tether to yourself.
  • Short Tension Cords….so you know every exercise you perform is the same on the left or right side.
  • Small and compact.  It’s like having 10-sets of dumbbells…5-50 LBS in a small 8″ carry case.
  • You can do traditional strength training, CrossFit, kettlebell, yoga, Pilates, Barre, circuit training and more…


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 7 in


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